HOA Candidates Debate, 9.19.2018, 6p
Elected Offices and Candidates
1 Senate District 16: Tina Davis-Hersey [1]
Ben Kieckhefer [1]
2 Assembly District 26 June Joseph [1]
Lisa Krasner [1]
3 Commission District 2: Bob Lucey [1]
Stephen Wolgast [1]
4 Assessor: Michael Clark
Chip Evans
5 Clerk: Nancy Parent
Emil Tudorache
6 Public Administrator: Don Cavallo
Verita Black Prothro
7 Recorder: Lawrence Burtness
Kalie Work
8 Treasurer: Matthew Buehler
Tammi Davis
9 Sheriff: Darin Balaam
Heidi Howe
10 School Board Trustee District F: Jacqueline Calvert
Jeffrey Church

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