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Washoe County Nevada Pandemic Daily Death Rate


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Oct deaths:
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Recent Washoe Statistics
Doses Administered 293339 290 [204]
71.31% .12% [.05%]
Fully Vaccinated 267669 432 [174]
65.07% .10% [.03%]
Hospitalized 117 4 []
ICU 28 6 [3]
Ventilators 13 7 [1]
Breakthroughs (weekly) 4147 290 [6]
Washoe Deaths
Nevada Deaths 7600 23 7
US Deaths 736048 1225 1058
Worldwide Deaths 49277237153 [940]
↔ = flat.    * = no update on weekends.
Sources linked to in left side.
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⊗ 10/27/21: October 2021 (43) becomes the 6th highest month of deaths since pandemic began. Pie Chart↓ Death toll over 900 (901) today. Graph↓ Days of 0 deaths drops to 39%. Average deaths per day since pandemic began over 1½ (1.564) Data Table↓

⊗ 10/26/21: October 2021 deaths (41) surpass October 2020 () Graph↓ Ties February 2021 () for 7th highest month of deaths Pie Chart↓

⊗ 10/25/21: County death number reporting inconsistent across reporting portals. Numbers vary between posted table, downloadable spreadsheet and API. Nearly all previous days are reported as 0 deaths while the next day reporting reports larger numbers for previous day. This has not happened in reporting with County before the past month. Numbers coming in from deaths of residents not in the Washoe County at the time of their passing and slow reporting from county hospitals may account for this. Previous month deaths change near-daily, sometimes from one number to another and back to the first number the following day over and over again.

This makes previous day number of deaths reporting unclear. For example, one day recently the previous days deaths changed the following day from 0 to 3. Another day, a total of 10 deaths were added to the monthly count but the previous day was reported as 0 deaths. In that instance we reported previous day deaths as 10 more, though 10 people did not die that day.

⊗ 10/21/21: Monthly average rises again to 47 Graph↓ Percent of days of 0 deaths 40%. Data Table↓ October deaths at 31, 3% of total deaths. Pie Chart↓ October average deaths per day rising to 1.63, just above monthly average of deaths per day of 1.57. Monthly↓

⊗ 9/30/21: All averages rising. Per Day↓ Weekly↓ Monthly↓

⊗ 9/28/21: Monthly average rises to 47 Graph↓ Percent of days of 0 deaths falls to 41%. Data Table↓

⊗ 9/23/21: September death rate [67] surpasses August [] to become 4th highest month of deaths, accounting for 8% of the total deaths by month since pandemic tracking began, 3/29/20. Pie Chart↓ Average Monthly death rate rises to 46. Graph↓

⊗ 9/17/21: September ties with July and October 2020 for 6th highest month of deaths at 39, ½-way through the month. Graph↓ Pie Chart↓ Percent of days of 0 deaths falls to 45%. Data Table↓

⊗ 9/5/21: Percent of days of 0 deaths falls from 49% to 47%. Data Table↓

⊗ 9/4/21: September death rate (8) matches July death rate () 4 days into the new month. Graph↓ Pie Chart↓

⊗ 8/31/21: August death rate () highest since 2020 End-of-year holiday surge through 1/21, 4th highest on record. Graph↓ Pie Chart↓

⊗ 8/30/21: First day of 6 deaths since 1/28/2021. Data Table↓

⊗ 8/27/21: First day of 4 deaths since 2/9/2021. Data Table↓ August Monthly death toll (43) exceeds Feb 2021 () Chart↓

⊗ 8/26/21: Hospitalizations, including ICU and ventilator use continues to climb while vaccination rates are increasing. 60.14% of eligible Washoe County residents are fully vaccinated. 67.03% of eligible residents have received single dose.

⊗ 8/24/21: Average Deaths per month leaps nearly ¼ of a percent (.21 points) overnight from 0.91 to 1.13. Chart↓ Weekly average spikes from 1.0 to 1.5. Chart↓ Vaccination daily percentages on the rise.

Previous Milestones…

⊗ 8/23/21: August (23) has highest number of deaths since February (). Chart↓ Average Deaths per month has risen in August (0.91) to highest level since February (1.57) Chart↓

⊗ 8/17/21: Daily death rate leaps to 5 in the past 24 hours. First day of 5 deaths in nearly 8 months, since 1/23/21 Data Table↓ Daily Average tilts back over 1.4 having briefly dipped to 1.395 for the past 2 days. Data Table↓

⊗ 8/16/21: Adjusted deaths by County puts August deaths (9) higher than July (8), tying with April (9) and far above June's death toll (2). Graph↓

⊗ 8/15/21: Average deaths per day falls below 1.4 to 1.398 for first time since 12/13/20. Chart↓

⊗ 8/10/21: Day 500: 697 Deaths. Avg Daily Deaths 1.41. Chart↓ First C-19 death in fully vaccinated individual, 80 years old, pre-existing condition(s).

⊗ 8/8/21: Daily average of deaths rises (1.412 to 1.413) for first time since 2/12/21 peak of 1.966. Chart↓

⊗ 8/3/21: Significant rise in hospitalizations and ICU in the past 7 day period may lead to higher daily deaths. Hot August Nights outdoor event attracting thousands to area restaurants, casinos, hotels and shopping, Aug 3-8.

⊗ 8/1/21: First day of 3 deaths since 5/12/20. Data Table↓

⊗ 7/28/21: 100 days of 1 death (20%) since pandemic tracking, 3/29/20. Data Table↓

⊗ 7/22/21: 4th Delta variant death in Washoe County: 2 were young (30s, 40s) with no underlying health condition, very rare in Washoe County since the beginning of the pandemic. The vast majority of deaths since 3/29/20 had at least one underlying health condition.

None of the 4 had been vaccinated.

⊗ 7/17/21: Days of 0 deaths rises to 48%. Days of 1 death falls to 20%. Data Table↓

⊗ 7/9/21: State reporting 13 ventilators in use in Washoe County with only 8 people in ICU. That's a ventilator usage jump of 433%. No updates over the weekend, so we won't know if corrected until 7/12 or 13. We suspect the number was intended to be 3.

⊗ 7/6/21: First day of less than triple digit deaths in US (37); down 279 from previous reporting day. Second Washoe County death from Delta variant: under 60, not vaccinated.

⊗ 6/29/21: After 36 days of 0 deaths, Washoe County reporting first day of 2 deaths in 47 days, since 5/13/21. Total days of 2 deaths rises from 11% to 12%. Data Table↓ Monthly average for June rises on the 2nd to the last day from 0 to 0.07 Chart↓

⊗ 6/23/21: 30 days without a death. Data Table↓

⊗ 6/22/21: County removes one death. Count goes from 682 to 681, making for 0 deaths in the month of June and no death since 5/24/21, nearly one full month without a death. Number of days with 0 deaths climbs to 46% while days of 1 death falls from 22% to 21%. Data Table↓ Average deaths per day falls to 1.52 Chart↓ Average daily deaths by month lowest since first full month, April 2020 [0.9]. April 2021 [0.3], May 2021 [0.39], June 2021 [0] Chart↓

⊗ 6/18/21: Second week in a row of weekly deaths of 0. Last week's 0 deaths week was the first instance of 0 deaths per week since the pandemic began. Chart↓

⊗ 6/17/21: Days of 0 deaths = 200, 45% of 446 total days since first death, 3/29/20. Data Table↓

⊗ 6/12/21: One month since the last day of 2 deaths, May 13. Days with 0 deaths now 44% of total with next highest days of 1 death at 22%. Data Table↓

⊗ 6/11/21: One month since the last day of 3 deaths, May 12. Data Table↓

⊗ 6/3/21: Number of days of 0 deaths since 2/1/21 is 77. Five out of eight days (5:8, ⅝, 0.626, 62%) in the past 123 days (2/1/21) have had 0 deaths.
⊗ Also today: Average deaths per day falls below 1.6 to 1.588, not seen since Christmas Eve, 12/24/20.
⊗ Also today: Total percentage of days of 0 deaths since 3/29/21 increased from 42% to 43%.
⊗ Also today: Monthly average of deaths dropped from 48 to 45. Graph↓

⊗ 5/22/21: Thankfully, State of Nevada now reporting 2 people in Washoe County ICUs. Entry below must have been a typo. Data Table↓

⊗ 5/26/21: State of Nevada reporting 14 people in ICU in Washoe County, a jump of 9 overnight from yesterday's number of 5, a nearly 300% increase in 24 hours. We'll be watching the ventilator numbers closely over the next week

⊗ 5/21/21: May deaths [] surpass April deaths [9] Pie Chart↓

⊗ 5/19/21: May's death toll [9] has reached April's [9], ⅔ of the way through the month. Graph↓

⊗ 5/12/21: First day of 3 deaths for more than 2 months, since 3/5/21. Deaths Per Day↓

⊗ 5/5/21: Second longest streak of 0 deaths (8 days) since pandemic began. Data Table↓

⊗ 5/4/21: Third set of at least 7 days of 0 deaths since 3/25/21 (one set lasted 9 days). Data Table↓

⊗ 5/1/21: Not more than 2 deaths in a day for , since 3/5/21. Data Table↓

⊗ 4/30/21: April closes out with fewer deaths [9] than any full month since the pandemic began (Diagram↓) with just 1% of the total deaths per month, (Pie Chart↓) and the lowest average daily deaths by month at .30 per day (Chart↓).

⊗ 4/29/21: Average Daily Deaths Since 3/29/20 has fallen below 1.7 for the first time since 12/28/20. Today: Chart↓ Data Table↓

⊗ 4/20/21: First day of 2 deaths in over a month, since 3/13/20. Chart↓

⊗ 4/16/21: Halfway through the month, April's average daily deaths by month is .25, half of the lowest month percentage on record, June 2020 (.5). Percent Chart↓

⊗ 4/16/21: Halfway through the month, April's average daily deaths by month is .25, half of the lowest month percentage on record, June 2020 (.5). Percent Chart↓

⊗ Total deaths in June 2020: ; April 2021: . Numbers Chart↓

⊗ 4/2/21: Longest streak of 0 deaths (9 days) since pandemic began. Data Table↓

⊗ 31 days of 0 deaths since 2/1/21 (61 days), Average .51 deaths per day. Weekly Avg Chart↓

⊗ March 2021 had second lowest average daily deaths by month (.58) compared to June 2020 (.5). Average Daily Deaths By Month↓

⊗ 4/1/21: 10 day moving average of deaths per day has reached 0 for the first time since pandemic death tracking began, 3/29/20. Deaths Per Day, 3/29/20 - Present Chart↓

⊗ 4/1/21: The Linear Trend Line of Average Deaths Per Day since 9/12/20 (2.4) has tipped downward for the first time, crossing below the average (2.6)Deaths Per Day, 3/29/20 - Present Chart↓

⊗ 2/14/21: with numbers of deaths falling significantly locally, state-, country- and world-wide, we will continue to update numbers daily, but charts every 2-3 days, unless the trend reverses.

⊗ 1/31/21: Has the virus reached the end of its flashpoint? Death rates are falling across the board. Narrative↓

The daily average death rate is falling below 2, down from 7+ in December. Graph↓

⊗ January became the 3rd highest month of deaths only 8 days into the New Year, Graph↓ and the 2nd highest month of deaths ( / ) on the 20th day of the New Year, higher than November ( / Pie Chart↓

⊗ December () + January's () combined total = . January's deaths were exactly 100 more than December's and 31 more than November's ().

⊗ While January came in as the 2nd highest month of deaths, the average deaths per day fell rapidly in the latter half of the month to 3.58, ending 270% lower than December's . Chart↓

⊗ Washoe's 2 highest death days (15 deaths) occurred ago and Bullet points↓

⊗ December had more deaths () than previous 5 months, July - Nov (), combined. Pie Chart↓


Number of Deaths Per Month

Death Totals by Month

Washoe started tracking C-19 on 3/23/2020, with 3 deaths in the March 31-day period. We track the first full month, April, to and including the most recent complete month for monthly trends.

Most recent incomplete month is included in cumulative.

Number of Deaths Per Month - Pie Chart

Death Totals by Month - Pie

Deaths Per Day, 3/29/20 -


Weekly Average of Deaths Per Day

Weekly Avg

Week ends on Friday. Most recent full week ended weekly average.

Most recent past week average includes partial week to date: .

Average Daily Deaths By Month

Monthly Avg Death Rate

Washoe started tracking C-19 on 3/23/2020, with 3 deaths in the March 31-day period. We track the first full month, April, to and including the present month, for monthly trends.

Most recent month is cumulative to date.

Total Number of Days With 0-10 Deaths

Days of X Number of Deaths

Washoe C-19 Deaths Per Day: Data Table

Data Table

Red dates are within the last month. Red bold dates are within the last week.

Bold in left column = past 24 hours. Bold in left column = previous 24 hours.

* Deaths were not recorded on the Christmas holiday. 7 deaths were reported the following day.

* * Deaths were not recorded on the Thanksgiving holiday. 8 deaths were reported the following day.

Deaths were reported for separate days on New Years day and the day after.


Washoe County Breaking Records Near Daily

  • Washoe's four highest single day death rates have occurred within the past : Data Table ↑
    • Washoe's first and only day of 12 deaths occurred .
    • Washoe's first and only day of 13 deaths occurred .
    • Washoe's first and only day of 14 deaths occurred .
    • Washoe's two days of highest deaths (15) occurred ago (300% higher than the previous day) and .
  • Washoe's average deaths per day is , up () from the avg of Mar-Sep (). Chart ↑
  • February's total deaths to date is , ( of the way through the month), % of the Mar-Sep Average of (), but far lower than December's daily average of deaths.
  • January 2021's monthly average of daily deaths was 3.58, up 478% from the average of March-September (). Chart ↑
  • January () became the 3rd highest month of deaths only 8 days into the New Year.
  • January () became the 2nd highest month of deaths 20 days into the New Year.
Previous Statistics…
  • December () was the highest death rate month.
  • December () had more deaths than Mar - Aug () combined. Pie Chart ↑
    • Deaths in the 3 months Sep - Nov were coincidentally also .
  • December () had more deaths than July - Nov (), combined.
  • December () had more deaths than the first 8 months of the pandemic, Mar - Oct (), combined.
  • December's deaths totaled 43% of all deaths in 2020.
  • December's monthly average of daily deaths was 7.03, up 6.28 (937%) from the average of March-September (). Chart ↑
  • November () was the second highest month of deaths.
  • November had more deaths than Mar - Jun () combined. Pie Chart ↑
  • of all Washoe deaths have occurred in the past : Nov () + Dec () + Jan () = .
    • (More than twice March-September: ). Total to date: . Pie Chart ↑
  • The average monthly death rate from Apr - Sep was
    • 10 fewer than # of days in a month.
  • Today's average monthly death rate is , more that of Apr-Sep ().
    • more than # of days in a month. Chart ↑
  • Washoe's 2 days of 10 deaths occurred and ago.
  • Washoe's 3 days of   9 deaths occurred in the last .
  • Washoe's 5 days of   8 deaths occurred , and ago with the rest in the past .
  • Washoe's 5 days of   7 deaths occurred since December 1st.
  • Seven of the eleven days of 6 deaths have occurred in the past , including .
  • The last day of 5 deaths occurred on 1/23/21, .

Opinion based on Data Analysis

"The crowd awaits the appearance of President Donald Trump in the Minden Airport, Minden, NV on September 12, 2020 - photo: Kelsey Penrose/the Ally"—Sierra Nevada Ally

Trump Rally the Take-Off Point for Washoe Calamity?

September was Washoe County's 2nd lowest full-month death rate. We were winning. An exponential spike in deaths began three weeks after Trump's rally—largely maskless with scant social-distancing while singing and shouting chants—of an estimated 5,000 people in Minden, Nevada, on September 12th, a probable mass exposure event that spread throughout Northern Nevada.

Washoe County looks to be in the throes of the Hallowe'en one night super-spreader episode which appears to have been riding the viral coattails from the Minden mass exposure event.

The Thanksgiving holiday spread has not yet been factored into the death rate. By our analysis, that bump is expected to emerge circa December 17 into the Christmas Day holiday, only increasing the record-breaking numbers we are seeing from early October to mid-December. That could begin a long, dark night of higher death rates as the new year turns. We are anticipating more records to be broken during the Christmas and New Years holiday period.

Update, 12/18/20

We were hoping in earnest that our model of 18-22 deaths per day at the Christmas - New Years holiday would fail. Unfortunately, what we predicted as the Thanksgiving surge of deaths to begin on 12/17/20 is proving to be accurate.

On 12/18/20, Washoe recorded the highest daily death toll yet, 15. The Thanksgiving super-spreader episode, a third sub-surge of the second wave, riding the coattails of the previous 2 sub-surges: The Trump Rally mass exposure event 9/12 and the subsequent Hallowe'en super-spreader episode 10/31, comprise Washoe County's second wave of COVID-19. The third sub-surge is just beginning with a potential fourth component of the second wave, a Christmas super-spreader episode.

We are now in uncharted territory where predicting a top death rate is an unknown. We hope it will stay 15-22, but higher numbers could ensue.

If Washoe residents adhere to county, state, CDC and WHO guidance (See Resources) and stay at home for the winter holiday time, an even higher spike in death rates at the end of January into February (Valentine's Day) could be avoided.

Update, 1/12/21

Calm Before the Storm?

Our models currently predict a surge in deaths beginning tomorrow, 1/13 – 1/15/21. With hospitalizations and infections currently lower than the previous Trump Rally – Mid-December trend, perhaps Washoe County won't ramp up to the 15 – 20 deaths we once predicted for mid-January.

But it's hard to ignore the strong numbers: January occupied the 3rd highest death month 8 days into the new year.

With deaths currently trending to lows of 5 and a two-day run of 3 deaths, coupled with the start, albeit slow, of vaccination distribution, we are hopeful that Washoe may have seen its last days of 15 deaths. But this quieter time seems more likely to be a calm period before a storm that will bring Washoe back to record-breaking deaths per day.

Update, 1/13: Today's death toll of 15 is one of two highest days of deaths matching 12/18.

Today January has a monthly death rate of 70 deaths, 13%, the third highest monthly death toll, just under November's record-breaking death total of 80, currently 14% of all monthly deaths.

Update, 1/18/21

Auspicious Numbers

Hope-inspiring numbers coming in. Washoe is heading back to the pre-Trump rally numbers of September, the 2nd lowest full month of deaths on record.

Update, 1/31/21

Is the virus burning out?

Death rate numbers are falling rapidly across the board. Washoe is reporting 0 deaths today, trending down to to September's numbers, the 2nd lowest full month of deaths. Nevada reported a total of 6 deaths in the past 24 hours, far fewer than the 50-100 being reported even just a few days ago. Likewise the US numbers have fallen by 1000 each day over the past few days. Even worldwide—despite the maelstroms currently engulfing Mexico, Portugal, India, Peru and starting again in Australia—deaths are falling by 2k day-after-day.

Is this a calm before a firestorm of vaccine-resistant mutations, or is the virus reaching the end of its virulency? Has the virus run its course and is meeting its lifespan head-on, or are the vaccines much more effective than previously thought in not only reducing life-threatening symptoms but also the virus' spread? Whether a combination or something else in play, at the moment, the death rate is showing some very good, indeed hopeful, numbers globally.


Numbers continue to fall nationally, statewide and locally. Washoe has had 1 day of death twice in the first week of February. Data Table ↑ The average deaths per day since 3/29/20 () is sitting on the polynomial moving average (order 4).Chart ↑ Weekly averages are falling sharply (2.1), Chart ↑ while monthly averages are stabilized at 55-56. Graph ↑ February's daily deaths average for the partial month (2.5) is sitting near the total daily average of deaths by month (2.02). Chart ↑

Nevada went way down into single digit deaths for a few days, then came back up to the 40-50 range, but was at 33 yesterday and 24 today, trending downward. Table ↑.

Nationally, the US had a very high death report on 4 February, but the surrounding days are much lower than average, including February 1st's report of 1,876; February 5th's death total of 3,553 and yesterday's report of 2,820.Table ↑.


Washoe: 0 deaths last 24 hours. State of Nevada reporting 2 deaths statewide in the past 24 hours. Nationally, deaths are ½ what they were were the day before which were ½ the day before that. Deaths continue to fall similarly worldwide breaking below the 5 digit mark today for the first time in a protracted period.

Washoe's daily average of deaths has begun to fall from an extended period high of 1.962 yesterday to 1.956 per day today. Still 1.96, but will break to 1.95 for the first time in weeks, if the trend holds.

If the variants are more deadly as believed, the trend is not reflected in the numbers of deaths at this time. The US had a big spike in deaths on 2/4, but the decreasing trend before and after that date make it an anomaly flattened by the 7 day average.


90,000 U.S. adult deaths from COVID-19 over the summer could have been prevented if victims had been vaccinated, study finds

Roughly 90,000 deaths from the coronavirus-borne illness COVID-19 among U.S. adults were preventable and could have been avoided if more of those people had gotten vaccinated when vaccines became available in the spring, a new study has found.

It found that about half of that death toll occurred in September, when the highly transmissible delta variant was spreading fast, but many places had eased public health measures like face-mask wearing and a large number of young adults were not vaccinated. COVID was the leading cause of death for adults aged 35 to 54 in that month — ahead of heart disease and cancer.

The grim news underlines the importance for unvaccinated people to get their shots, as they currently account for most new cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Vaccines have proved safe and highly effective at preventing severe illness and death.

The U.S. is still averaging almost 1,900 deaths a day, according to a New York Times tracker, meaning every two days, it suffers casualties equal to those lost in the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. And while new cases and hospitalizations have been declining, there are still hot spots such as Alaska and Minnesota, where hospitals are struggling to cope with the sick.

MarketWatch, 10/14/21

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‘We messed up’: Ex-state senator warns of virus before death AP, 12/8/20

Thrasher said he is telling his friend’s story with the family’s permission in the hopes that people can learn just how easily the virus can spread at casual gatherings. He said it is also important to seek medical care when they first get sick.

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